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Builder's Home Warranty Inspection in Goose Creek, SC and the surrounding Charleston SC area.  

One Year (11th Month) Builder's Home Warranty Inspections.  SAMPLE REPORT CLICK HERE

If you have purchased a newly constructed home, your builder may or may not notify you near the 11th month that it’s time for your Builders warranty inspection. This will be your last opportunity to have your builder perform work on your home while the builder is still responsible and at no cost to you. Besides nail pops in the sheet rock and floor squeaks, how do you determine what items go on the warranty list?

Jeff has found that the most significant problems with houses that are 5, 10, 20 or 30 years old originated when the house was new. 

These hidden defects can cause substantial issues for a home. Examples include drainage problems which can lead to structural problems. Lack of sealant can lead to significant wood rot.

Unfortunately, the quality of subcontractors of the various trades varies greatly. Also, the particular design of a house can make it susceptible to certain types of problems.

Examples of problems that Full Service Home Inspections has discovered during builder warranty inspections include:

Roof issues.

Attic & Truss issues are main concerns and Jeff knows exactly what to look for! See the picture below that shows a service conductor that was installed incorrectly and had a small fire. The county inspector missed it as did the original home inspector. 

Shingle problems (most builders do not allow the inspectors on the roof or in the attic prior to closing)

Missing insulation in the attic
Missing or warped siding
Lot drainage issues
Gas leaks..yes it happens.
Structural problems 
HVAC problems - air distribution and temp.  
Garage door issues

Documenting the condition of your home with an 11th Month Builder's Warranty Inspection provides you with a list of needed repairs. The One year builder Home Warranty inspection report will also give you leverage with your builder should the repairs not be completed in a satisfactory manner. The cost of the inspection will more than pay for itself.  Just forward the completed home inspection report on to the builder. 

You will be able to take his incredibly detailed warranty report summary pages and submit them to the builder. It’s that simple.

Your new home was a great investment for you and your family, but it needs attention to keep its value. The 11th Month or One year Builder's Home Warranty Inspection is one way you can safeguard your investment. Let us help you protect your investment for many years to come.

With our detailed inspection and report, homeowners stand a better chance of getting the builder to correct those items that need repair. This inspection report becomes a legal document if needed. 

Contact Full Service Home Inspections to do your 11 month or one year Builder's warranty home inspections in Goose Creek, SC or Charleston area today. 

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Builder Home Warranty Inspection Goose Creek, sC
Builder Home Warranty Inspection, Goose Creek, SC
Builder Home Warranty Inspection. Goose Creek, sC
Builder Home Warranty Inspection, Goose Creek, SC
Builder Home Warranty Inspection, Goose Creek, SC