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NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME INSPECTIONS in Summerville, SC and surrounding neighborhoods. Don't close without one! 

NEW CONSTRUCTION  HOME INSPECTIONS. Jeff has found cracked trusses, signs of previous fires in the electrical box as well as undersized wiring, the wrong sized air conditioning unit, stairs that are uneven and needed to be completely replaced, siding that was not installed properly etc. (see pics)

Do not close on your new home without one! Read your contract and make sure that you or your buyers agent (great idea to get representation) notifies the builder in writing that you are having home inspections. Many BUILDERS have rules not allowing inspectors in a certain amount of days prior to your walk through.  WE HAVE SEEN TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE OF CLOSING!

Jeff Bennett is a Certified Master Inspector ® as well as  Certified ASHI Inspector. Full Service Home Inspections is properly Insured and holds County Licenses required for Pre Drywall & New Construction Home Inspections. Just call the office and we will set it all up for you. From Pre Drywall to the final inspection and then of course your one year builders warranty inspection. 

Pre Drywall Inspection (Very important to have one prior to the insulation to find open gaps as well as look at the electrical, roof, plumbing, windows, etc prior to the insulation being installed

SAMPLE NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME INSPECTION REPORT which includes a follow up repair inspection.


Brand new construction inspection revealed over heated wire.

Brand new construction inspection revealed undersized wiring. 

Warranty inspection revealed a broken truss which would have been caught at the Pre closing inspection but the buyer chose not to have one. 

A service conductor outside that was installed incorrectly that showed signs of a fire that Jeff found at an 11 month warranty inspection in the electrical panel. Everyone missed it including the county inspector as well as the local inspector that did the inspection before they closed

Unlevel staircase was found at a Pre closing inspection. The entire staircase needed to be replaced. 

Justin Manigault (taken from Google Reviews)

Superb service! Was recommended to Full Service Home Inspections of Summerville by my brother and I must say Jeff is at the top of his game! Things I would have never thought about checking he went over every nail! Gave a list of his finds and recommendations... We used him for our pre-drywall and final inspection. This review could keep going on and on about how impressed me and the wife were. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! Always get an outside source to check your home I got every penny worth of this service!
Why does Jeff find at new construction? 

Check out the pictures above.

A cracked truss in the attic and a service conductor outside that was installed incorrectly that showed signs of a fire that Jeff found at an 11 month warranty inspection in the electrical panel. Everyone missed it including the county inspector as well as another local inspector that did the inspection before they closed. Stairs were all uneven and the entire staircase had to be replaced. 

Contractors are overseen by local building officials but they do not inspect the home in its entirety. The subcontractors rotate so you have different sets of people working on the home. Site managers are extremely busy these days and do not have time to oversee everyone so even if there are no code violations, which there still may be, there could be some serious issues with the home that you will need to know about that could have serious consequences as well as affect future resale value. 

New Construction home inspections are not only for finding defects. It is also an opportunity for you as the new homeowner to learn more about your property. I recommend having a list of questions for Inspector Jeff. The questions can pertain to the home's current state, how to work the appliances and even pertain to the future. It is not a matter of if Jeff will find a defect...it is a matter of how many! Most builders required insurance, worker's comp, a county license etc and we have all that and we are ready to do the inspection for you. Jeff usually finds dozens of  items needing repairs in every new home he inspects. He has found broken cross truss supports to stairs that needed to be pulled out and reinstalled, cracked trusses in the attic and many serious electrical issues. 

Key Areas to Focus Questions

1. Water (Moisture) 
2. Electrical
3. Foundation
4. Roofs/Attics/trusses/hurricane straps
5. Appliance hook up
more examples below of what Jeff  typically find in a new home inspection here in the Charleston, SC Area.

Roofs (See examples to the right)

New construction roofs are not impervious to installation defects – the most common issue Jeff finds with new roof installations is improper shingle nailing.  When nails are over driven, driven at an angle, or located too high on the shingles, it’s a defective installation.  The photos below show a few examples of defective roof installations on new construction homes.

He also finds bending up of the shingles which comes from a manufacturers defect. It will usually appear at the final inspection or the first year of ownership. This is why an 11 month warranty is advised. Your report becomes a legal document and protects you. 


This deck beam (pictured right) should have been attached to the 6×6 post with a metal bracket; not bumped out over the side of the post and attached to the sliver that was left.

Sometimes the nails in joist hangers get completely missed, especially when it’s the inside corner on a skewed hanger Other times, joist hangers are forgotten about entirely. 

Stone Siding  installation defects.  

For example, masonry veneer needs to be kept 2″ above the roof covering.  In the photo to the right, the mortar is touching the shingles..  

High-efficiency furnaces and water heaters need to have the venting pitched so water drains out; there should never be any dips in the piping that allow water to pool. 

Water heater 
A water heater installer incorrectly or if they forgot to glue one of the joints at the vent and it worked itself loose.  That would allow for a lot of exhaust gas in to the home. Every gas appliance needs to have a union, or some method of disconnecting the gas piping after shut shutoff valve. It obviously doesn’t do much good to have the union installed before the shutoff valve. This is a detail that occasionally gets forgotten about on water heaters.

When ducts are crushed, air flow is seriously reduced.  Jeff found this crushed duct at a recent pre-drywall inspection. (pictured)

When dishwashers are installed below granite countertops, they’re often not attached because nobody wants to drill holes in the granite. (see picture)

Anti Tip Bracket for a gas range need to be installed behind the range.  When Jeff pulls the range forward, the anti-tip bracket needs to be properly installed or it will give way.  

Smoke alarm manufacturers require smoke alarms to be installed at least 4″ down from the ceiling when mounted on a wall, measured from the top edge of the smoke alarm.

This is the new home builder’s chance for someone else to inspect the home to identify safety issues and building performance issues that might turn in to bigger problems… Builders should  be encouraging buyers to get home inspections. 

If you’re buying a newly construction home and need a new construction home inspection, please hire a Jeff Bennett.  If you recently purchased a new construction home and you’re still within your one year warranty period,  hire Jeff Bennett at Full Service Home Inspections to do your inspection.

Jeff conducts Home Inspections and New Construction Home Inspections in Ladson, SC, North Charleston, SC, Charleston, SC, Summerville SC. and the entire Charleston, SC area. 
New Construction home inspections in Ladson, SC
New construction home inspections in Ladson, SC
New construction home inspections in Ladson, SC
New construction home inspections inLadson, SC
New construction home inspections in Ladson, SC
New construction home inspections in Ladson, SC
New construction home inspections in Ladson, SC
New construction home inspections in Ladson, SC