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Pre Listing Home Inspector in Moncks Corner, SC and the Charleston Area.   Know before you show...

home inspectors in Moncks Corner, SC,  29461

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Jeff Bennett is an extremely detailed and meticulous home inspector and performs inspections in Moncks Corner, SC and the surrounding Charleston, SC area. 

A pre listing home inspection uncovers potential surprises that could derail your sale and can even expedite your home's sale and yield a greater price. It is a detailed, written report with pictures that yon forward to professional of choice.  Many Real Estate Agents require their buyers to use Jeff to do this inspection prior to the listing of the home because he is so detailed and after fixing the repairs, it gives both Agent and Buyer confidence and takes so much stress out of the equation. 

If your home sells and fails a home inspection, it does not look good to future buyers. Know before you show!

If you are ready to sell your home and do a pre listing home inspection by the number one rated home inspector in Moncks Corner, SC and all of the Charleston, SC area and want to ensure the sale process will go smoothly and quickly, you may want to consider a pre listing home inspection.

By moving the home inspection to the beginning of the sales cycle, sellers are able to shorten the process by removing obstacles before they can interfere with a potential sale.

Why get a pre listing home inspection?

Using a Pre listing home inspector benefit all parties involved, and they are gaining in popularity. Here are seven benefits to a pre-listing home inspection.

1.) Time. Selling agents are given time to help the seller decide what areas to work on to improve the home’s appeal.

2.) Options. Sellers can choose who they want to perform the inspection and assist in providing details of equipment maintenance, supply dates of improvements and explanations for current conditions.

3.) Flexibility. Sellers gain more time to make repairs and compare bids on work to be done and can truly provide full disclosure to their potential buyers.

4.) Accurate pricing. A pre-listing home inspection helps the agent set the seller's price expectation and can be used to substantiate a higher asking price.

5.) No surprises. Inspections in Moncks Corner and surrounding area will have fewer issues to negotiate at the 11th hour, and buyers may even waive their inspection.

6.) Full disclosure. Buyers’ benefits include receiving a third-party review of the home’s condition before making an offer and that can assist in procuring financing.

7.) Stress relief. Home inspection can remove doubt in the buyer regarding initial concerns and may reduce the stress associated with purchasing a home.

Jeff Bennett is an extremely detailed and meticulous inspector in Moncks Corner, SC and the surrounding Charleston, SC area. 

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Mario J., Pre Listing Home Inspection, Moncks Corner, SC 

"A pre listing home inspection in Moncks Corner was conducted by Jeff Bennett. Jeff's inspection was thorough and detailed. He explained exactly what he was going to do and what the results were. After completing the inspection, Jeff recapped his findings and explained an in-depth report with pictures would be emailed the following day. He was very courteous and professional."


Jeff Bennett is a Licensed and Certified Home Inspector in Moncks Corner, SC,  Hanahan, SC, Summerville, SC, Goose Creek, SC and surrounding Charleston area.
home inspectors in Moncks Corner, SC,  29461
home inspectors in Moncks Corner, SC,  29461